About Roslyn

Roslyn's Story

Roslyn’s artistic journey started at a very young age, practically as soon as she was able to hold a pencil. Although Roslyn’s talent is predominately inherent she has honed her skills over the years by constant observation and drawings of things that surrounded her from animals, people, landscapes and still life. Her talent was recognised at a young age by by both teachers and artists alike. Roslyn’s creative urge led her to many varied artistic endeavours such as decoupage, paper toll, lead lighting, folk art etc, eventually returning to her all consuming passion today of the reproduction of a 3D subject onto a 2D surface, in the form of an expressive, tranquil and life like painting. The majority of Roslyn’s work is the result of many photographic expeditions and painted sketches.

Roslyn’s ability to capture the essence of her subject, be it wildlife, landscape or portrait in either oil, acrylic or pastel has led to her becoming a much sort after artist winning many and varied awards and recognition. Such recognition led to Roslyn’s involvement with the “Green Cauldron Panorama” a twenty metre long painting which depicts a three hundred and sixty degree view from the top of Mount Warning.

Roslyn has worked with Graeme Stevenson AOM, CEO and host of “Colour In Your Life” in a teaching position with the “Paint Your Life Foundation” and currently runs an art therapy class in an aged care facility, which has had profound benefits on the physical and psychological health of the residents. Roslyn is always busy with her many commissions in various forms which she finds immensely rewarding.

Thinking About Starting To Paint?

My advice to anyone thinking of taking up painting is; look for inspiration in your world and what is relevant to you, if you paint what you like or are passionate about your paintings will always be wonderful.
Thinking About Starting To Paint?
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